Saturday, April 13, 2013

Five Pieces Of Equipment That Should Be In Every Home Gym

Anyone constructing a home gym must decide exactly what items to fit into the space. It is not normally a good idea to use only one machine for exercise since a healthy workout requires several different types of movement. Every home gym should contain machines for flexibility training, strength training and cardio training. This will provide a balanced workout that covers all areas of the body. Five specific pieces of exercise equipment should appear in every home gym.
Stability Ball
A stability ball is large inflatable ball that is used for a variety of different exercises. It can be combined with free weights or can be used to make sit-ups more effective. The ball helps to develop balance. The body is forced to use the core muscle groups in order to remain balanced when sitting on the ball. Lifting weights or performing stretches while sitting on the ball will improve flexibility. It also uses the muscles in a more natural way that is less isolated than some other exercise devices. Some exercise routines require two stability balls.
A treadmill is a simple piece of equipment that is used for cardio exercises. These exercises require at least 20 minutes of moderate activity in order to increase the heart rate and to start the processes that burn calories and build muscle. Treadmills are very simple to use and are appropriate for all levels of fitness since they can be adjusted to meet individual needs. Treadmills are often used before switching to machines with a higher level of intensity. Some very advanced models actually have monitors and computers that allow for different preprogrammed running routines.
An elliptical is a cardio workout machine that is a much more advanced version of a treadmill. The machine uses separate pedals to simulate natural walking or running motions. Some also include handgrips that can provide some resistance for the upper body. One important aspect of an elliptical is that the exercise is very low impact. This makes it a good choice for individuals recovering from injuries or people dealing with medical conditions like osteoporosis. An elliptical provides a full body workout.
Free Weights
Any home gym should contain a set of free weights. These weights are used to build strength. They are also effective when used to tone the body. Free weights allow a person performing exercise to target specific muscle groups such as the triceps or deltoids. They are low impact when used correctly. Free weights are also adjustable. A single set of weights can be adjusted to provide more or less weight as needed making them versatile for home gyms used by more than one person. The weights are one of the most effective ways to increase muscle mass when combined with diets high in protein.
Workout Bench
A workout bench should be in every home gym. A workout bench is a long cushioned bench that normally has an adjustable headboard and other components. The bench is useful when performing sit-ups or other exercises where the body is flat or inclined. They are commonly used along with barbells since they position the body correctly to lift large amounts of weight.

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