Monday, April 29, 2013

Mild Strokes Require Careful Home Recovery Efforts

Mild strokes happen when there is an insufficient supply of blood to the brain because of the narrowing of or blockage in blood vessels. Usually, the narrowing of blood vessels is due to the increasing amount of cholesterol in the body which hinders the continuous flow of the blood.

Although a mild stroke is just a less serious condition compared to Stroke, this condition can be uncomfortable for someone who experiences it, as it brings with it symptoms such as weakness or numbness on the one side of the body, loss of balance, visual disturbances, headaches and confusion.

People who experience and survive this condition should take necessary management steps in order to prevent a stroke from happening again. After being released from the hospital, you have to continue taking the medications prescribed by your physician.

As you are recovering, you need to take into consideration the importance of not tiring yourself out. Take a rest frequently. This is essential, since during your earliest days of recovery, you will still experience some symptoms and these symptoms do not entirely go away.

If you are working, you have to inform your employer about your need for a few days of break for you to relax and fully recover yourself.

One of the symptoms that may still affect you is the weakness of one side of your body. An essential thing to do is to undergo rehabilitation through physical therapy in which you will be guided to relearn basic coordinating skills. Initially,

you will be assisted in doing Range of Motion (ROM) exercises to build up your affected limbs' strength until you can completely do it yourself. You are also encouraged to change position frequently while lying down.

Because of your affected limbs, you may find it difficult to perform your everyday tasks during the first few days of recovery like tooth brushing, bathing, eating and other basic doings. It may take a while for your affected side to carry out its functions,

but take your time and do not pressure yourself.
It is also expected for you to experience difficulty in balancing your body and walking. Assistance from your family members is needed for a time until you can fully stand up and walk without their support.

Do not rush yourself in performing this task. Remember that doing it abruptly may put you at risk of falling and that may injure your head. While lying down, start by slowly getting up. Sit for a while and wait for a minute before you can finally gain strength to stand up. Remember to only do it when you already have enough strength.

A few days or weeks after recovering, you may also begin to get involved in exercises. Take note that you don't have to do it heavily at first.

Exercise in a gradual motion until you can fully manage it. The recovery time of a person with a mild stroke may be either slow or fast, depending on a person's age and response to treatment.

Mild stroke recovery requires continuous health management in order to prevent a re occurrence and even complications.

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