Friday, April 12, 2013

Relief for Pediatric Conditions Through Yoga

Families who have sickly, depressed or injured children would do anything to make them feel better. They pay for therapy, take them to the doctor for checkups and treatments, and generally do anything to help them feel at ease. Studies today show that yoga-centered treatments can have a good effect on pediatric conditions like the ones mentioned above.
Classes that teach basic yoga poses for children can often pinpoint a significant improvement in their pediatric issues. It doesn't matter if the child is tired, in pain, or just hyperactive and easily distracted. The teachers and parents alike saw that after a few sessions of yoga, the children were generally calmer, focused, and reported feeling less pain and exhaustion.
The Emotional Benefits of Learning Yoga Basics
Yoga instructors often teach children by 'playing pretend,' trying to get them to see the connection between themselves, their peers, and the world at large. The children who took yoga at least 45 minutes every week reported feeling more relaxed, imaginative, and reflective of their actions. The results were the same regardless of the children's ages.
More than a thousand schoolteachers in the United States these days chose to train in yoga instruction. Hundreds of school districts now offer mind-body practices and yoga-inspired activities into their curricula. Schools report that yoga-inspired class activities were effective in teaching their students self-control, anger management, respect, and good hygiene, and health practices.
The Pediatric Conditions Addressed through Yoga
Yoga elevates your mood and makes you feel better, and has a literal effect on your physical condition. Children and teens who take yoga classes and practice regularly can notice a significant amount of relief from physical ailments and emotional conditions.
Below are some of the conditions that yoga can relieve. They include:
Students diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, can be hard to control. This condition makes their attention span short, distracting them from activities and disrupting the flow of their classes. A paper from the Journal of Attention Disorders presented facts on how ADHD medication and yoga could go hand-in-hand. It provides the children with a way to focus and relax, which makes their medication more effective.
Chronic Pain
Accident-prone children have a high risk of developing chronic pain in adulthood. They are not as likely to suffer from long-term pain, but the risk is still high. The researchers from Children's Hospital in Boston studied the effects of yoga together with anesthesia programs. They suggested that yoga's relaxation and breathing techniques could be an invaluable part of many pain management programs.
Today, yoga is one of the most sought-after forms of alternative pain management. Almost 86 per cent of pain clinics offer yoga as one of their alternatives.
Teens and young adults often suffer from depression, but the symptoms and onset actually begins during childhood. Research indicates that practicing yoga at a young age can effectively reduce the symptoms of depression among adolescents, teenagers, and young adults.
According to the Alternative Therapies journal, a depressed youth can benefit from undergoing two or more yoga sessions each week. The youths who chose to try to yoga basics showed marked improvements in mood and anxiety levels. It also helped them relax and think.
Yoga can improve many more conditions aside from the ones listed above. Some journals suggest that yoga plays a big role in children who suffer from severe mental and physical problems. Yoga-centered treatments is also a big help for respiratory health conditions like asthma, anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrome.
There are many yoga studios offering classes for children, adults, and groups today.
Click here to learn more about the health benefits of yoga.
Stephanie is an avid yoga practitioner who goes to yoga classes every week.

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