Monday, April 29, 2013

The Bowflex Revolution - You Will Never Need Another Piece of Workout Equipment

The Bowflex revolution is upon us and thanks to this technology you will never need another piece of workout equipment again. This equipment is designed to provide a complete body workout, targeting the muscle systems you choose to work on.

 Once you acquire one of these machines not only will you start looking and feeling great but it is going to save you a ton of space inside your home or exercise space. The new Revolution SpiraFlex system has replaced the old tension rod mechanisms but still provides excellent resistance for your routines. Just like always, the Bowflex eliminates the need for a variety of different weight sizes as well as the need for extra storage.

The Bowflex Revolution provides the ability to over 100 different exercises. The stock components offer 220 lbs of resistance for the upper body (which can be upgraded to 300 lbs, for those looking to up their workout) and 600 lbs of resistance on the lower body (with an upgrade).

This is a complete machine for a complete body workout and you will feel the burn. Combinations allow for the following exercises: leg presses, vertical bench press, leg extensions, preacher curls (with attachment) and so many more.

The varieties don't stop there! The Bowflex Revolution with SpiraFlex technology is an all in one station. The Freedom Arms have 10 different positions with 170 degrees of motion. There are 5 way hand grips and ankle cuffs that provide massive flexibility and workout performance.

There are cuffs for the ankle shoulder, foot and no grip style for the hands. It even comes with a built in rowing machine for the warm up and cool down periods of your workout. Plus it is very compact, it folds down to 55 x 38 inches. They have thought of everything in this device.

There revolution can be upon you too. The weather is warming up now and its time to get your body in to shape for the summer. Work off that winter weight. Take the Bowflex challenge and see the results that a Revolution machine can produce for you.

The machine will typically ship in days or less from their warehouse and arrive unassembled. They do provide assembly service to some locations, check to see if this is available for your location.

Which may be advisable, if you have taken a look at this space age technology, it might take a professional to put this thing together correctly without getting lost.

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