Saturday, April 13, 2013

To Find The Fountain of Eternal Youth, Look No Further Than Aloe Vera.

How can Aloe Vera be the Fountain of Eternal Youth?
It is indeed an extraordinary statement to say that a plant can keep you young forever and it would take extraordinary evidence to prove that it is true.
Fortunately for me, there is plenty of evidence to show that this fabled plant does have wonderful healing properties and I have listed some of the known benefits a little further down.
To answer that question of eternal youth, we'll have to do a little bit of background first to really get to appreciate the true potential of aloe vera.
The fountain of youth exists in the legends of the ages and tales of youth giving springs can be found throughout many different cultures around the world. There is an interesting resemblance of a live aloe vera plant to a bursting spring captured just as it starts to gush out of the ground.
Inside the full, flowing succulent leaves of the plant is a remarkable clear gel substance that has the clarity of spring water and is packed with healthy nutrients and properties. As well as a tonic for the blood and digestive system, the gel can be used to heal damaged skin.
In fact, aloe vera gel is so skin-friendly it can even be used on babies! Now just imagine if you could apply this gel to yourself every day. Do you think there would be a benefit?
Some more benefits of Aloe Vera use
I promised a list and here it is. Don't just take my word for these claims, if there's something that sounds too far fetched, look it up for yourself!

  • Anti ageing properties. This is due to it being densely packed with antioxidants, which nuetralise oxidised molecules throughout the body that cause cellular damage.
  • Aid in digestion. Aloe has a strong alkalising effect which can regulate over acidity which is the cause of many digestive problems. It also contains enzymes which assist digestion.
  • Blood sugar regulation. This is particularly useful for diabetics as aloe vera will stabilise blood sugar levels.
  • Circulation support. Again this helps with overall body health as nutrients can reach more areas easily and waste products are removed.
  • Immune system support. The supply of immuno-enhancing vitamins helps protect against common ailments.
  • Allergic suppression. Aloe vera contains properties that combat allergies and is very effective against hay fever, cat and horse allergies. Can be useful as a first aid in food allergy treatment too.
  • Many more benefits than listed. I only supplied a list of benefits that I feel are pertinent to this article, but there are far more uses of aloe vera than I need to mention here.

Conclusion to the 'eternal youth' question
Let's face reality. Nothing on earth lasts forever, and eternal youth is most likely a myth. However, that is not to say that it is not possible to prolong youthfulness to a great degree while alive in the world. This can be done with the help of the extremely beneficial properties freely given to us in the form of the Aloe Vera plant.

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