Monday, April 29, 2013

Learn the Benefits of Doing Moderate Exercises Every Day!

Traveling home from work, all that you think of is going home, kicking off the shoes, getting something to eat and spend the rest of the evening relaxing after a hard day's work.

 This sounds really good until those hopes and a planned evening are dashed to pieces when you see your children (7 for me) come running out of the house begging you to play some type of sport with them. Are you going to say no to them? Or are you going to mask that pretended "Yes" and then say to them that you are going to rest for a little bit and after awhile, that you will come out and play.

The question that I want you to think in your mind is this, "Why not play with your children after when your work is finished for the day?" All that exercise will do you some good as it will build up that much needed energy if you just play with your children for a ½ hour to an hour. It will make you feel good and not only that, you will strengthen your relationship with your children.

The benefits of this type of extracurricular activity are:

1. You will have a good attitude.

2. Mental clarity.

3. Suppresses the appetite.

4. You will be able to solve problems quickly.

5. You will get a good night rest.

6. You will be in control of yourself by implementing self-discipline.

7. Your view on life will change drastically.

8. If you are ever depressed, exercising is the answer as it will uplift your spirit.

So, there are some benefits of taking the time to play with your children when you come home from work. There will be many health benefits that will come from it such as an increase in muscular and cardiovascular strength.

Taking the time to play with your children was just an example of what you can do to build energy and reap the benefits that come with physical activity. Here are some more exercises that you can do with your family or individually:

A. Go for a short or long walk. It doesn't matter if you live in the city or out in the country, take full advantage with what you have. For those who are married and have children, make it a family activity to walk every day. If you are not married, offer an invite to your girlfriend or boyfriend to go walking with you.

B. I discovered the power of Yoga last year and I have truly enjoyed the health benefits from doing Yoga. Before that, I thought Yoga was really weird, so I stayed away from it. I was truly wrong and found it quite enjoyable and challenging.

 It will not only stretch and strengthen the muscles, but it will also enliven your spirit and can give you the energy that you need to make it throughout the day.

C. Get involved with some type of competitive sport. Get a one-on-one basketball game going with a friend, play a game of football with friends and family or play a game of softball.

D. When I was working at Heinz Frozen Food in Pocatello, Idaho, I have had the benefit of joining up with Gold's Gym because the 2 companies struck a deal, where if you worked at Heinz, the membership costs of joining Gold's would be very cheap. Ask around your workplace to see if the company you are employed offers exercise programs.

E. Doing chores and cleaning up around the house can also be considered moderate exercising. So get washing those dishes and rake the yard!

In conclusion, do everything in your power to make exercising a big part of your life. You will reap the benefits of a long and healthy life when you keep moving and eat healthy!

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