Monday, April 29, 2013

Learn the Ten Most Important Things About Stretching

At the start of every fitness program or sporting event, take the time to stretch out as this would prevent any injuries from occurring. Stretching, before the start of the workout program, warms up the muscles and it will help improve performance as you exercise.

 This article will show the importance of stretching and what you need to do to take proper precautions to avoid injuring yourself.

1. If you play sports, working out at the gym or have a home workout program, be sure that you stretch out before, during and after the workout or game. If you do not stretch, you are prone to injury at some point during a workout.

 I remember playing flag football with a group of friends in Mobile, Alabama. I did not take the time to stretch out or warm-up my muscles as a cold weather system had moved in the area. The end result was that I ended up pulling my hamstring on my left leg and it hurt no like no other. So remember to stretch before, during and after a workout.

2. You will get the full benefit of flexibility if you hold your stretching position for more than a minute.

3. The one important advice that I remember my football coach telling us is not to bounce in our stretches. If you are bending over to do some hamstring stretches, do not use an up and down movement as this will cause straining or even serious damage to your joints.

4. In a stretch position, move slowly from one part of the body to the other. Do not rush when you are stretching.

5. Stretch all the parts of your body, from the head all the way down to your feet. Do not neglect any parts of your body for any reason!

6. When you get up in the morning or getting ready for bed, do a series of stretches, even if you do not plan to workout.

7. Pay close attention to what your body is telling you because stretching may not be enough. There are many extreme home workout programs out there on the market that may be too much for your body to handle right off the bat, so know your limits of what you can do.

8. The human body takes about 9 months for it to develop in the womb and many more years after birth, so when you do your workout, don't get into the mindset that you will achieve immediate results overnight. It will take time and patience for your body to lose weight or gain muscle. Pick a day throughout the week in which you can rest your body and stretch out the muscles for proper recovery.

9. Do exercises, such as swimming, to help stretch and strengthen the upper portions of your body.

10. Select the type of music that you will want to exercise too. Music that contains high intensity beats has been proven to help motivate you throughout a workout. Even when you are stretching or warming-up, listen to your favorite music to help get you going.

In conclusion, to help avoid injury and a trip to the Doctor's office, stretch out your muscles before a workout or suffer the pain and agony of a pulled muscle or worse!

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